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About Hyperlift

Change the way you approach Medicare Stars.

We’re pulling back the curtain, providing the foresight and predictability to get and stay ahead of the Stars curve.


Hyperlift’s Stars Insights Engine, the industry’s most comprehensive suite of data, analytics and predictive modeling solutions for plans seeking to improve Star ratings. Using data science and machine learning, Hyperlift gives Stars management teams and analytics professionals unprecedented perspective to make critical decisions. No more uncertainty, no more guesswork. Understand the entire Stars Lifecycle — strategy to execution, assessment to refinement — all in one integrated SaaS platform.


We’re former Stars professionals from health plans, seasoned technologists, top data scientists and proven executives. Together we’ve distilled the successful approaches we’ve implemented over the years into the most straight-forward and powerful Stars engine, delivering insights that truly matter.

Ian Wolfman

Chief Executive Officer

From early stage startups to the world’s most respected brands, Wolfman has spent more than two decades driving innovation across technology, healthcare, marketing and media organizations. Wolfman’s unwavering commitment to customer experience has defined his career and is reflected across the many roles he’s held, including sales, marketing, business development and executive leadership functions.

Mick Twomey

Chief Operating Officer

Mick brings a diverse background that includes big 4 consulting experience and the successful launch of new businesses in a variety of industries.  His passion for operational excellence has been a driving force in productizing best practices and leveraging data science to introduce predictive models that improve ROI and fuel insights for new product development.

Michael Meadows

Stars SME Advisor

Spanning a wide range of operational and marketing leadership roles, Michael has helped both high and low performing health plans, successfully driving improved and sustainable Medicare Stars results. His extensive experience both client side and as a consultant has given him a unique perspective of where challenges exist and how to overcome them, fueling Hyperlift’s product strategy and selection of premier partners.

Scott Rogaliner

Chief Commercialization Officer

Working for multiple big 4 consultancies, Scott brings extensive business, finance and audit experience. He’s also gained valuable experience in compliance and provider agreements, helping start and grow a Law Firm that does transactional health law. Balancing compliance with a quest for efficiency, Scott carefully integrates requirements with automation and audit to drive improved performance.

Join Us

We’re changing the way organizations approach Medicare Stars, and we’re always looking for top talent — those who fit our adventurous culture and are ready to jump right in and make an impact. Is that you?

Data Scientist

We’re hiring a data scientist who will be tasked with analyzing issues using enrollment, claims, pharmacy, clinical, contract, medical management, financial, administrative and other corporate data from both modeled and disparate internal and external sources.

Lead Stars Analytics Consultant

Your role: Provide analytics expertise in Medicare STAR analytics to support effective outcome and population support for the business and support ongoing engagement in CMS publications/announcements to evaluate & provide strategic guidance in Stars methodology changes and impacts to operational strategy.

Stars Program Manager

  Hyperlift is hiring a Stars Program Manager to lead efforts to maximize our clients’ Medicare CMS Star Rating and work to develop a multi-year strategy in collaboration with organizational stakeholders.