Hyperlift brings solutions to market that address the most pressing challenges facing Medicare Advantage Stars management today that reduce risk and improve results. With Hyperlift’s Stars Management Suite™ (SMS) and Hyperlift’s Deliverables as a Service™ (DaaS), Medicare Advantage Stars teams can manage plan performance at a level previously unachievable.

Measure Assessment

The result of the Measure Assessment is a strategic plan, based on your contract’s unique situation, that reduces risk and maximizes overall Star ratings in a fraction of the time. Hyperlift’s structured approach for creating a customized Measure Assessment has been proven on both high- and low-performing contracts and with a broad range of membership levels. The approach is accelerated and enhanced with our Stars Management Suite (SMS) that puts all of the data, insights, and analyses at your fingertips.

Hyperlift Approach

1. Compare Performance to Peers in Market – Evaluate the contract based on Hyperlift’s pre-built peer groups or any custom groups that make sense for your contract.

2. Prioritize the Most Impactful Measures – Apply Hyperlift’s proprietary measure prioritization lenses to accelerate the process with analytical insights and rationale.

3. Establish Realistic and Achievable Targets – A collaboration between a Stars team’s internal knowledge and the data-driven immediate insights of Hyperlift’s SMS.

4. Simulate Star Ratings – Evaluate a likely range of overall Star rating outcomes using a Monte Carlo simulator based on your unique situation, selected measures, and established targets.

5. Identify Measure-Based Contribution – Understand exactly which measures are expected to contribute, and to what degree, to the improved overall Star rating.

The tangible output from the Measure Assessment includes a series of deliverables. You can review a sample of those deliverables here.

Performance Improvement

Eliminate concerns about dedicating resources to the right interventions with a rigorous analysis to select the most critical areas of focus, considering upside opportunities balanced with downside protection. When it comes to selecting interventions and the associated vendors, HYPERLIFT has an extensive library of proven and scored interventions to accelerate performance improvement. We also have relationships in place with proven partners that range from boutique Stars consulting groups to billion-dollar service providers.

Hyperlift Approach

1. Run a Gap Analysis – After entering YE data (actual or expected) you can evaluate the gaps between current performance and the established targets to determine exactly where intervention is required.

2. Understand the Opportunities for Improvement within Each Measure– Evaluate detailed measure process performance to understand where the opportunities lie.
3. Identify the Right Interventions– The HYPERLIFT team will recommend a list of potential interventions and vendors to close the performance gaps to accelerate the time to value.
4. Develop an ROI-Based Business Case– The HYPERLIFT team will work collaboratively with your Stars team to craft a compelling business case for the intervention resources.
5. Finalize the Stars Playbook for the Upcoming Year– Once we know our interventions, we will create a thorough Stars Playbook to share across the organization to keep everyone aligned and informed.

Year-Round Management

Improve the likelihood of delivering on your Stars commitments by employing the discipline and rigor of Hyperlift’s deliverable-based Stars management approach. Hyperlift’s Deliverables as a Service (DaaS) will create and disseminate a series of reports, analyses, and insights on a monthly basis to ensure you stay on track and minimize year-end surprises.

Hyperlift Approach

1. Monthly Deliverables – Organizational and Contract Dashboards, Measure-by-Measure Comparisons of Current Trend vs. Prior Year and Target Trend, Intervention Progress Update Reports.  Optional include: Industry Trend Analysis, Member-Level Predictive Modeling

2. Quarterly Deliverables – All of the Monthly Deliverables, Organization-Wide Measure Evaluation, At-Risk Analysis Report. Optional include: Industry Trend Analysis, Member-Level Predictive Modeling, Focused Measure Evaluation Project

3. Semi-Annual Deliverables – All of the Monthly and Quarterly Deliverables, Organization-Wide Measure Evaluation, At-Risk Analysis Report. Optional include: Industry Trend Analysis, Member-Level Predictive Modeling, Focused Measure Evaluation Project, Mid-Year Measure Performance Assessment