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The Approach Begins with a Rapid Assessment

The first step you will take with Hyperlift’s technology-enabled approach will be to develop your Stars Playbook. Below are links to some of the deliverables you’ll receive in the first 30 days.
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Hyperlift’s Approach to End-to-End Stars Management


Hyperlift’s structured approach for creating a customized Measure Assessment has been proven on both high- and low-performing contracts and with a broad range of membership levels. The approach is accelerated and enhanced with our Stars Management Suite (SMS) that puts all of the data, insights, and analyses at your fingertips. The result is a strategic plan, based on your contract’s unique situation, that reduces risk and maximizes overall Star ratings in a fraction of the time.

Performance Improvement

Eliminate concerns about selecting the right interventions or vendors by leveraging Hyperlift’s performance improvement module. Hyperlift has an extensive library of proven and scored interventions to accelerate performance improvement. We also have partnerships in place that range from boutique Stars consulting groups to billion-dollar service providers. Quickly identify the right interventions and partners to meet your specific needs.

Year-Round Management

Improve the likelihood of delivering on your Stars commitments by employing the discipline and rigor of Hyperlift’s deliverable-based Stars management approach. Hyperlift’s Deliverables as a Service (DaaS) will create and disseminate a series of reports, analyses, and insights on a monthly basis to ensure you stay on track and minimize year-end surprises.

Research, Insights and Analyses

The Research, Insights, and Analytics section provides a solid foundation for any Stars organization to explore new ideas, conduct deeper analyses, and stay informed while delivering a continuous innovation loop with Hyperlift’s technology-enabled approach.

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