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Watch the Stars Insights Engine Video Now

Discover how to manage Stars performance with incredible agility and maximize your ROI.

Go Beyond CMS Data

Optimize performance by integrating your current trend data with Hyperlift’s proprietary algorithms.

Scenario Modeling

Know the impact of every change and every intervention.

Peer Analysis

Immediately compare your contract’s performance with any other contract or group of contracts.

Stay ahead of the Stars curve

Just like five-star plans, our technology gives your team the capabilities to generate the highest ROI possible – without the
time and resources typically required. Instantly understand how you perform against specific peer groups, which measures
will drive the most value and why, and where you should invest your finite intervention resources to drive the biggest impact.


Hyperlift’s Stars Insights Engine is the most comprehensive data, analytics and predictive modeling solution for plans seeking to improve Medicare Star ratings. Using data science and machine learning, Hyperlift gives Stars management teams and analytics professionals unprecedented perspective to make critical decisions.


Get real-time results, rather than waiting weeks or months.


Ensure a clear path to your goals — whether it’s your initial strategy or a mid-year pivot.


Better manage surprises and increase confidence in your Stars projections.


Align stakeholders, build compelling business cases and justify budgets.


Gain unparalleled decision making clarity and agility at a fraction of the cost and time.


Maximize returns by focusing resources on the measures that matter most.

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